For those about to rock

A rocking chair anthology


Why rocking chairs ?

Because I love them, that's why.

Because they are an antithesis of our lean modern lives. Too big for our ever-shrinking living spaces, they encourage reading, relaxing and slacking off. They are an invitation to daydreaming, to just enjoying the rocking movement. So much so that many airports now feature a number of them for their stressed-out passengers .

They are playful! A rocking chair is basically a toy for grown up, a reminiscence of the rocking horse of your childhood. And as such they've been featured in many mass events, from the 2015 Universal Exhibition in Milan to the Nasher Sculpture Center in Dallas .

They are also good for your health, they encourage a dynamic position whenever you're working and provide excellent support when relaxing. Entire companies are built around this idea of dynamic seating. I can only encourage you to listen to this great (as usual) episode of 99% invisible podcast (99% invisible is a "tiny radio show about design") to learn more about seating, what it does to your body and what it has to do with the design of the chairs themselves.

Why an anthology?

For Those About To Rock aims at being an anthology, not a selection.

Selecting rocking chairs would mean having a clear definition of what should be included and what should not. It couldn't be based on my personal taste, otherwise it would have no more meaning than a Pinterest board. It would therefore have to do with the inner qualities of each rocking chair, a work way too serious for the enthusiast I am.

It doesn't mean I don't have my preferences though! I like big, playful rocking chairs, I even own Edward Barber's and Jay Osgerby's Tip Ton, Ron Arad's MT3 and Thomas Heatherwick's Spun chair!

And to be absolutely franck, I must confess that I lust for the pure beauty that is the

I'd take all my afternoons off to nap in the

I'd love to cuddle in the

And I'd ditch my office chair in an instant for any of those!

Want to contribute?

You can contribute to this project in two ways.

You can of course submit new rocking chairs through the contact form. I already have a pretty extensive backlog of rocking chairs I need to integrate to the anthology but anything you submit will jump to the top of the list so that you don't have to wait after your submission for your rocking chair to appear.

If you found a bug on the website, you can either tell me directly or report it on Github.

But most of all, please share your favorite rocking chairs on social media sites!